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Gavin L.

I’m 196cm, with good thighs. Jeans never fit. Jeans bought online? Ha, no chance. But hey, I took a chance on TA. All I can say… these are some kind of magic jeans. And they’re definitely working their magic ;) I'm buying more in every colour.

Victor F.

Finally, a pair of jeans that feel like an organic part of my body! For years, I always need to purchase new pairs of jeans every season simply because they could get ripped easily. TA’s premium stretch jeans are truly a dream comes true. I can finally walk out to the street and feel absolutely at ease and be proud!

Kieran L.

I have found it impossible to get clothing that is comfortable and fits my physique. By chance I ordered from TA and I haven’t looked back. In the last few weeks I’ve purchased 6 pairs of jeans, 2 crew necks and 8 polo shirts. I’ve transformed my wardrobe and couldn’t be happier. The team is amazing too, thank you!!!

Ethan M.

Jeans feel great and fit exactly how I would like without tailoring. I actually feel like I could run in these as well as go rock climbing, that is how stretchy and flexible they are.

Fantastic fit, great material. Thank you Tailored Athlete!