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A pair of jeans is one of the most essential items in a man's wardrobe. The most versatile of all clothing, jeans work for Championship wins and first dates to casual Fridays and drinks with the guys. 

A good pair of jeans is something you can always count on.
But, that can make finding the ultimate pair of jeans a nightmare. You have to consider the fit, the rise, the size, and the material.
At TAILORED ATHLETE we wanted to make life easier by making a guide to the perfect pair of jeans. And our biggest takeaway?
The perfect pair balances your proportions and highlights your best attributes.

The Basics

For high street retailers, jeans only come in a standard fit. Luckily for us, this is not the case.
Whether it's straight, slim, standard or athletic fit, the pair you select should complement your body type.
For our Athletes, we recommend trying our Premium Stretch Jeans that have a unique 'True Muscle Fit'. You no longer have to worry about sizing up to fit your quads.
Style Tip: Avoid having extra room in the crotch or bunching at the ankles, this will make you appear shorter.

Check Your Pockets

Too much detail can draw attention to potential “problem areas”. Look for a clean thread pattern on pockets. Also, make sure they aren’t too large or too long - these will make your glutes look shapeless.

Performance & Stretch

Most jeans have a slight amount (usually 2%) of elasticity to them which allows for stretch and comfort. For jeans, you can wear all day, check the label for blends that include elasticity. It’ll give life to your slacks and allow for extra movement. Our Premium Stretch that are with 5% elastane for ultimate comfort.

Wash & Wear

A medium wash colour, like our Premium Stretch Jeans in Mid Blue. Is the most versatile casual pair of denim that you can wear year-round. If you find a pair that you love, buy a backup pair and save them for later. Grey and black jeans are as versatile, if not more so than blue jeans. 
Style Tip: Contrast is an important factor when you’re looking for a shirt or jacket to pair with grey or black jeans. 

When in doubt, go dark

Regardless of the occasion, dark denim is an investment for a day-to-night transition. It's as simple as switching a t-shirt for a shirt and tie. If you only invest in one pair of jeans, make it dark denim.

Style Tip: 
A general rule for dress shirts and jeans is: untucked. Here's how to check that your shirt is the right length. If you’re standing straight, your untucked shirt should barely hit the bottom of your crotch. At the longest length and should always come down mid-pelvis at the shortest length. When wearing a belt or blazer it's best to keep your dress shirt tucked in.

Find your perfect pair from TAILORED ATHLETE'S range of Premium Stretch Jeans

Our Premium Stretch Jeans are made with Athletes in mind. Using a ‘True Muscle Fit’ our jeans perform in sync with your body. Shop Here



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