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Welcome to our world of impeccable tailoring, where every stitch and seam is designed with the athletic physique in mind.

At Tailored Athlete, we understand the struggle of finding formalwear that complements a muscular build. Our mission? To craft the best fitting suits that not only exude style but also offer unparalleled comfort for men who've been let down by traditional suits.

Read on to discover what to look for in a fitting suit, our top picks, and how to style a suit for your body type.

What this article covers:

What the Best Fitting Suit Looks Like

Finding the perfect suit for an athletic build is no small feat. A best fitting suit should not just look good on a hanger. It needs to complement and enhance your natural physique, ensuring you look sharp and feel comfortable.

Let's delve into the critical elements that make a suit truly stand out for those with a muscular build.

Shoulder Fit

  • Seam Alignment: The seam of the suit jacket should align precisely with the edge of your shoulders. This creates a structured look that enhances your frame without appearing oversized or restrictive.
  • No Overhang: The fabric should not extend beyond your shoulder line, avoiding a droopy or oversized appearance.

Jacket Length

  • Coverage: The right length covers your backside while maintaining a balanced proportion with your overall height.
  • Balance: A well-proportioned jacket length ensures your torso and legs appear in harmony, enhancing your natural stature.

Sleeve Length

  • Cuff Exposure: Ideally, your suit sleeve should end just above the wrist, allowing a small portion of your shirt cuff to be visible – a classic touch in men's tailoring.
  • Movement: Ensure the sleeve length doesn't restrict your arm movements, a common issue for athletic builds with broader shoulders and larger biceps.
fitting suits

The Seat

  • Fit: The rear of your suit trousers should fit snugly around your buttocks, providing a clean, tailored silhouette without being too tight.
  • Comfort: There should be enough room for comfort without excess fabric, avoiding a baggy appearance.

Trouser Break

  • Personal Preference: The break (the fold where your trousers meet your shoes) can vary based on personal style. A slight break is modern and clean, while a full break is more traditional.
  • Proportion: The break should complement your leg length and shoe choice, ensuring a cohesive and tailored look from top to bottom.


  • Gap-free: The collar of your jacket should sit flush against your shirt collar, with no gap in between. This indicates a good fit in the neck and shoulders.
  • Smooth Line: The back of the collar should create a smooth line without bunching or puckering, ensuring a polished finish.

By focusing on these key aspects, a suit can transcend being merely clothing to become a statement of style and confidence, especially for the athletic gentleman. Remember, the goal is not just to fit into a suit, but to find a suit that fits you perfectly, highlighting your strengths and presenting you at your best.

The Best Fitting Suits for Athletes in 2024

Exploring our Muscle Fit Suit collection is the first step towards owning a suit that truly understands and enhances your athletic build. Our tailored True Muscle Fit suits are not just garments but a revolution in fit, form, and function.

Let's delve into how our specific products are redefining the norms and providing athletic gentlemen with the solutions they've long sought after in traditional suits.

True Muscle Fit Suit In Black

Our True Muscle Fit Suit Jacket in Black and True Muscle Fit Suit Trousers in Black epitomise the essence of what a modern suit should be for the athletic man. These pieces are meticulously designed to cater to broad shoulders and a narrow waist, ensuring a silhouette that's both flattering and comfortable.

best fitting suits
  • Engineered Fabric: Utilising a blend that includes a hint of stretch, these suits accommodate the dynamic needs of an athletic body, allowing for a range of motion that traditional fabrics hinder.
  • Strategic Cut: The jacket is tailored to accentuate the V-shaped torso, with a nipped-in waist and broader at the shoulders, while the trousers are cut to provide ample room for muscular thighs without compromising on the sleek look of the suit.

True Muscle Fit Tech Suit In Navy

In our pursuit of innovation, the True Muscle Fit Tech Suit Jacket in Navy and True Muscle Fit Tech Suit Trousers in Navy stand as a testament to our commitment to merging technology with tailoring.

  • Advanced Tech Fabric: These pieces are crafted from a fabric that not only stretches but also adapts to your body's temperature, ensuring comfort throughout the day, regardless of the weather or the intensity of your schedule.
  • Athlete-Focused Design: The jacket offers a more structured shoulder area to accommodate the athletic build while ensuring the waist area is snug but not restrictive. The trousers, with their enhanced seat and thigh area, ensure that you'll never have to choose between fit and comfort again.

Simply pair your stylish suit with a best fit dress shirt for evening or office wear. For a more casual look, opt for one of our best fitting polo shirts or best muscle fit t-shirts UK.

The Athlete's Problem with Traditional Formalwear

From our experience, the typical off-the-rack suit simply doesn't cater to those with broader shoulders, a narrow waist, and muscular thighs. It's a common tale: the jacket that fits your chest makes you look like you're swimming in fabric at the waist, and trousers that accommodate your thighs are often too loose around the waist.

This mismatch between traditional formalwear and the athletic body leads to discomfort and a less-than-flattering silhouette.

Solving Traditional Suit Problems

After putting it to the test, we're proud to say that the True Muscle Fit and the True Muscle Fit Tech Suits address common issues that athletes face with traditional suits:

  • Eliminating the Boxy Look: By focusing on a tapered waist and structured shoulders, these suits eliminate the dreaded "boxy" appearance that plagues many off-the-rack options.
  • Providing Room Where Needed: Understanding that muscle mass is not evenly distributed, these suits offer more room in the thighs and shoulders, areas often neglected by traditional tailoring.
best fitting suit
  • Ensuring Comfort and Movement: With the incorporation of stretch fabrics and intelligent design, these suits ensure that you're not just looking good but also feeling good, with freedom of movement that's essential for the modern man.

In 2024, Tailored Athlete continues to lead the charge in redefining what a suit can be for the athletic man. By listening to our customers and constantly innovating, we're proud to offer suits that not only solve the problems associated with traditional formalwear but also set a new standard in style and comfort.


At Tailored Athlete, we believe that every man deserves a suit that not only fits but also celebrates his physique. According to our research, the key to the best fitting suit lies in meticulous design, superior craftsmanship, and an understanding of the athletic form.

Explore our expertly crafted range now and experience the difference of a True Muscle Fit Suit.

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